What’s cooler than the intersection of awesome art and serious science? For more than a decade, we’ve celebrated some of the world’s most amazing images of life’s wonders as seen through microscopes. Take a look at the Gallery and enjoy some extraordinary images and videos of the natural world. Then share links to the images you like best with your friends and colleagues.

The Olympus BioScapes Competition is widely recognized as the world’s foremost showcase for outstanding images and movies of life science subjects captured through light microscopes. Each fall, four individuals widely respected in the fields of microscopy and imaging are invited to select the winners and honorable mentions. And they have a monumental task, because researchers and microscope enthusiasts from about 70 countries submit nearly 2500 still images and movies to our competition each year. The beauty, power and importance of science as portrayed by these incredible images and movies captivated this year’s panel of judges and is delighting viewers worldwide.

On this website, in addition to viewing our image galleries, you can download screensavers, get more information on your favorite images and movies, and learn more about the Olympus BioScapes Competition, its rules, judges and prizes. Along with this website, we also have a traveling museum exhibit. Tell us if you know of a university or science museum in the US or Canada that might be interested in BioScapes.

As the Olympus BioScapes Competition moves into its second decade, we continue to call the world’s attention to the fascinating stories being told through images and movies captured by professional and amateur scientists the world over. You can help celebrate this amazing intersection of science and art by sharing links with people you know. Enjoy browsing our website!