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Olympus BioScapes 2011 Winners Gallery

Thumbnail images of the Olympus BioScapes 2011 winners and honorable mentions are displayed in this gallery. In order to view a larger version of the images (or to play videos), please click on the individual thumbnails.

2011 Winning Entries

1st Place
Charles Krebs

2nd Place
Daniel von Wangenheim

3rd Place
Liang Gao

4th Place
Edwin Lee

5th Place
James H. Nicholson

6th Place
Haris Antonopoulos

7th Place
Gunnar Newquist

8th Place
James LaFountain and Rudolf Oldenbourg

9th Place
Wolfgang Bettighofer

10th Place
Gerd Guenther

2011 Honorable Mentions

F. Abernathy

R. Berdan

L. Bloom

H. Chang

D. Clark

E. Constantinescu

M. Crutchley

J. Dibner

S. Dieni

S. Dieni

J. Dolan

D. Domozych

G. Drange

F. Federici and
A. Gordon

F. Federici

R. Fior

R. Gaudin

M. Ghabril

M. Gibson

R. Grimm

J. Gubernator

G. Guenther

G. Guenther

G. Guenther

C. Jackson

O. Kanca

P. Kinchington

C. Krebs

A. Lomakin

S. Lowry

S. Lowry

G. Luna

D. Malide

K. Markey

J. Martinek

D. Matısek

D. Matısek

D. Matısek

M. May

J. Michels

D. Montell

J. Nicholson

J. Nicholson

J. Orth and R. Kohler

N. Pallace

L. Piedmont

D. Pottle

J. Rollins

J. Runions

A. Schmidt-Rhaesa

A. Schmidt-Rhaesa

J. Schmoranzer

I. Siwanowicz

D. Stoupin

V. Sıkora

T. Tiebout

M. Turzanska

W. van Egmond

W. van Egmond

Y. Wang

R. Wingate

F. Xiong

C. Zhang

C. Zimmerman

2011 Technical Merit Award

S. Smith

All image copyrights belong to the individual contestants.

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